How to remove my child's pacifier without suffering?

Mar 11 , 2021

How to remove my child's pacifier without suffering?

The pacifier becomes a relief in the lives of mothers and babies in the first months and in some cases years of life. Providing comfort, calm and support at bedtime.

Baby sleeping with pacifier

Over time the pacifier is already your child’s best friend, it is part of the habits and the child is already conditioned to use it. However, we know that dentists recommend giving up the pacifier habit when the baby is 12 months old.

And no matter how much time passes, the scary moment of taking the pacifier out of your child’s life will arrive!

Dr. Cintia PU Schames, Pediatric Dentist says that the incorrect use of the pacifier, associated with the child’s genetic pattern, can produce oral and occlusion problems (bite), which can be: anterior open bite (upper teeth do not touch the lower ones), posterior crossbite (the upper part is “tight”, poorly developed, and does not fit with the lower one), upper teeth projected forward (and the lower backwards), changes in speech and swallowing pattern (for example, lingual interposition), changes in breathing patterns, etc.

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