Le Jolie Memory Perfume For Babies


The Memory by Le Jolie is an European idea for your baby. Baby Jolie from Paris offers the best experience and a alcohol-free scent, combines the tender and delicate aromas of flowers and fruits with plant extracts, renowned for their softening properties.

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All moments with your baby are precious and must be appreciated with a lot of love and protection. Watching your little one grow up and explore the world fills your heart with joy and makes you fall in love with every single smile, touch and smell, which is why creating memories is so important. A remarkable, tender scent is the best way to establish this connection, since the sense of smell is processed by the part of brain that controls memory, being strongly linked with your baby’s emotions. It plays an important role in their development by creating associations between scents and experiences.

In this deep bonding scenario, Memory perfume involves mom and baby with a delicate and fresh fragrance of lavender flower and citrus notes, as the translation of baby’s innocence and pureness.



EUA DE PARFUM 1.7Oz (50mL)

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