The skincare expert for babies, children & mothers.

The main belief behind our company's culture and philosophy is that by utilizing the best technologies and developing outstanding products, we cater to the essential needs of moms and babies and offer them products that are truly effective. Founded out of love for moms, babies and the desire to provide them with the top-quality products, Baby Jolie has devoted all of its resources to developing and marketing safe, innovative and efficient skin care products for pregnant mothers, new moms and babies.

Our 100% commitment

Baby Jolie's brand culture, approach towards moms and babies needs and all of our products are centered on three important dynamics: Quality. Integrity. Ingenuity. Now, we can safely say that dedicating our expertise, time and passion to helping moms and babies has been the best decision we ever made. “For the love of moms and babies” is not just another tagline, it is our culture, our brand, our philosophy. And as all businesses should, we put our best efforts into staying true to what Baby Jolie represents and to the people who trust and use our skin care products.

Innovation. Research. Development. The latest technologies to provide you the very best.

Our specialty is formulating with cutting edge effective Natural and Organic Ingredients. We take consumers health very seriously. We only formulate with ingredients that are not known cancer causing or endocrine disrupting ingredients, plus all ingredients cannot be banned in any country. Our certified lab facilities are USDA Certified Organic Pending. We do not test on animals. We are a Cruelty Free brand. Baby Jolie offer to its customers cutting edge formulas to make a difference in the world.